Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Turkey and Titty Day, folks!

Thanksgiving is once again upon us. A day to spend with our families, enjoying food, football and giving thanks for everything that helped get us through the year. Economically it's been a pretty rough one, but luckily the porn business is still thriving. That in itself is worth being thankful for since our lovely Daphne gets to keep draining our ball sacks with her bouncy escapades. 

This is going to be a quick post since it's still early in the day and there's plenty of Thanksgiving left to enjoy. But considering Christmas/Hanukkah time is coming up fast (Ms. Rosen is Jewish so it's only fair to mention) I thought this would be a proper time to get in the spirit of giving. If you have any desire to send something to Daphne, be it a gift or even just a letter, you can send it to this address... 

Daphne Rosen
815 1st Ave. #196
Seattle, WA 98104

I know she would be greatly appreciative receiving something from her fans. I plan to send something for Hanukkah just to show how thankful I am for all the entertainment she's provided over the years, so if you're interested, have at it! Until then, Happy Thanksgiving!

"Keep it Dirty!"
- Niko

Friday, November 18, 2011

Remembering the roots

Everyone has to start somewhere for their careers. Be it flipping burgers, running a multinational conglomerate or getting daily doses of man gravy on your face, we all have a beginning. Daphne's career may not have changed much over the years, but you might be surprised to know her appearance has. The Daphne Rosen we know and love today looked quite different from when she first came on the scene. Of course this isn't a bad thing by any means. A woman's sex appeal is more derived from her personality and love of the craft. But for whatever reason, Daphne decided it was time to change things up a bit. Don't believe me? Check it, hos!

Ladies and gentleman, the original Daphne Rosen! Isn't she lovely? Still had such an amazing smile. And that body? Don't even get me started! But oddly enough, at first glance you may not even realize this is the same Daphne. Blonde hair, no fake tits and even a little less curvy. But still so fucking beautiful!

So how do you go from this....

To this?
Quite the transformation, huh? Dark hair, super-sized hooters, big thick ass cheeks and lips, and even a tan. It's safe to assume why Daphne made the choice to alter her appearance. The adult industry thrives on voluptuous, full-figured women. Even though she was already a babe-and-a-half, it's all about what gets a dick the hardest, and apparently this was it. 

Even though I do personally prefer Daphne's current look, I still have a special place for the classic. The old look for when I'm feeling the need to bust a load to the "girl next door" type. Then the new one for when any old curves just aren't enough and only big fake tits are going to get me off!  But thanks to the magic of the intra-nets we can enjoy both versions of Daphne in all their glory! But whatever the lovely Ms. Rosen decides to do next, she'll still be as lovely as she was on day one.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Two sites Daphne/big ass fans need to check out!

I'm always up for talking about Daphne's bouncy sweater pillows, but how could I possibly neglect her perfect booty that fills out a pair of jeans like wine to the glass? Well luckily for us fans there are two sites that Daphne was sweet enough to share with us on her official Twitter page (!/daphne_rosen).

- Daphne Jeans -
Since we were already on the subject of jeans, it seemed this was the best place to start. Here you'll find Daphne and her bootyliscious babes doing what they do best... which mostly concerns jiggling their ass cheeks and slathering them in oil. But there can never be too much of that on the internet so be sure to check out the models, pics and clips. There's also plenty of Daphne-related links to her official pages.

- PAWGs & Bustys Store -
Can I just give a shout out to the motherfucker who invented Clips4sale? I've personally busted more loads to the girls I found on that site than I care to remember. But on to business! This store has some great clips of Daph's lovely cheeks as well as some equally strokable ladies for a measly few bucks per video. I say measly because any amount of cash is worth seeing Ms. Rosen's butt alone, but adding more ass-shaking ladies to the mix is like pudding on top of an already perfect cake. It just makes it better!

So get out your wallets and your dicks (in whatever order you prefer) and start shopping! More bouncy fun to come soon!

"Keep it dirty!"
- Niko

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Daphne and Morgan are getting better aquainted (Gallery)

It's a thing of beauty when two women come together for the sake of sexual pleasure. But when they both have massive fake tits and water rushing over them the whole time... that's beauty on a whole new level! It's not long before Daphne manages to get herself and her busty friend Morgan Leigh out of those suffocating bikinis and into a wet, oily grope-fest. We can only be grateful that they had that glass dildo on hand for an emergency like not being able to cum with tongues and fingers alone!

*Photos by Score

Ride that black dick, Daphne! (Gallery)

What do you get when you take one big-titted bitch and one lucky black motherfucker? A Daphne Rosen photo gallery of course! Here she shows off her cock sucking and riding skills. Then her fearless ass gets stuffed with the thick black meat pole before it spits some milky white topping on her fat cupcakes. Consider those balls drained!

Welcome to the first post!

Welcome everyone! And to those more like myself who prefer the dirtier approach, "Welcum!" Since this is just the first post I figured I'd make it an introductory one. What better way to introduce a blog about Daphne Rosen than to have her gigantic juggs staring you in the face as you try to read. Trust me, you'll be seeing a lot of that in the future if I have anything to say about it.

Over the course of this blog I'll be trying to write as frequently as possible. At the very least I'll try to post once a day with a picture or video of Daphne to hold everyone over until I get new info. That being said, everyone is welcome to post comments and join the "Fan Club" to show their appreciation for Daphne's work (and her admirable ability to handle cock).

So that's that! Just remember to keep it fun, friendly and dirty above all else. We are all adults and this is an homage to a pornstar after all.

"Keep it dirty!"
- Niko